Are you a member of the public interested in volunteering?

Visit the wildlife sightings page to see how you can report local mammal sightings. Every observation you make will help us to map local mammal populations! 

Are you a student interested in working with us?

We are looking for responsible, motivated individuals to help with our research. Our projects focus on detecting pathogens of zoonotic & conservation concern in local wildlife, and creating a mammalian biodiversity atlas for L.A. County. Course credit is available for research assistants in various majors (EEB/SocGen/Anthro/Physci). Note: Must be willing to dedicate at least 6 hours per week for a minimum of 3 quarters. Candidates able to commit for longer periods will be given priority. Please contact the team for more details. 

Note: We will be scheduling monthly meetings so interested students can stay informed and involved. Email us at MammalPickUp@gmail.com to receive further information! 




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