Report Mammal Sightings in Los Angeles

Your sightings can help improve L.A. pet and human health

Wild mammals can carry diseases that may affect domestic pets and humans, so mapping their population distributions is critical to local veterinary and public health efforts. Every observation you make on L.A. Nature Map will directly inform local officials where mammals are in L.A. County. If it has hair, tell us it's there!!

How can I report a wildlife sighting?

Wildlife sightings can be reported to L.A. Nature Map, an interactive online map was created by the L.A. Natural History Museum ( to display plant and wildlife observations from community members like you. 

  1. Go to (link to right)

  2. Click  "Add Observation".

  3. Create an account or log in with Facebook or Twitter.

  4. Fill in the fields, and click “submit.”

I saw a coyote!

Coyote sightings are of particular interest to U.S. National Park Service biologists, who are studying the urban ecology of Los Angeles coyotes. Please click the red link below to enter coyote observations on their iNaturalist page. 

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